November, 1976 - The Club
Tracks was still banned from playing the Rat

Illustration by Lorry Doll
May, 1977 - Back playing at the Rat. Note TRACKS tag line ... THE WILD ONES
1977 - Dummy's eventually became the Paradise. Tracks were one of the first 'new music' bands to play there. Although the band got friends DMZ to join them for the weekend - the place was pretty dead. Great show, but with  Blondie playing at the Club, there just weren't enough punk/new wave fans to go around
BOSTON - 1976 - 1979
Back at the Club with DMZ a month after the Dummy's show. Great crowd and show this time. An even greater party with DMZ at Blue Door afterwards until Boston's Finest busted it up
Another favorite billing, with the Real Kids. All Kindsa Girls, indeed.
The Rat, the Club, Cantones - there weren't a lot of places for original music in 70s Boston.
Illustration by Jeff Rey
August 28, 1976 - Tracks first show. The night was a disaster which got Lorry Doll and Jeff Rey physically ejected and banned from returning to the Rat

Illustration by Jeff Rey
Punk and other indy bands continued the psychedelic poster tradition by making up flyers, having them xeroxed and then pasting and taping them all over town to promote their shows. If caught attaching your posters to walls, lamp posts or any other public or private property you could be arrested. In New York, club owners could and sometimes would be fined if their shows were being promoted in such a way so the practice died down a bit in recent years.

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